Join our rising talent at the Futures Graduation this Thursday

Yesterday another young life was ended in London. I watched Channel 4 News. An inspiring young man from Walthamstow, who had pulled himself out of a life of violence, was asked by the reporter “what’s the solution?”

He said, well these kids are growing up with trauma, so that’s part of it.

But another part is (and I was really struck by his words which echo what kids from Norwood told us two summer ago when we made The Truth), these young people are stuck. They have narrow experience, they are scared and they think they are protecting themselves by carrying knives. They don’t know about the world outside.

What they need is:  “opportunities outside their postcode”.

Think about that - opportunities outside their postcode.

It’s not much. It’s what all kids should have a right to. It’s what so many kids are not getting.

It’s not just the kids involved in violence. Many young Londoners are growing up with daily experience of poverty, of trauma, of family dislocation, of feeling scared and vulnerable. They don’t travel on tubes and trains. They don’t go into central London. They’ve never been to the South Bank or the National Gallery or City Hall. They don’t think these parts of London, these public spaces, belong to them.

We need to help our kids own their city and own their future.

This is what our Futures programme is all about.

We set out to inspire, to challenge, to open young minds and to create connections.

We help teenagers discover who they are, who they want to be and how to make that happen.

We are truly inspired by the young people we have worked with and we think you will be too.

Please come and join us next Thursday at our Futures Programme showcase and graduation event.

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Abigail Melville