Join the Youth movement


Work is changing... fast

  • New jobs are being created all the time

  • Young people who are "digital natives" have an advantage

  • High value, well paid work is flexible, team based, and depends on passion as well as skills.

  • You need to create a path to the job you want.

We can help you

  • Discover what jobs you could do - and meet people who are doing them.

  • Find out what you enjoy and what you are good at.

  • Develop skills you will need - like teamwork, creativity, problem solving and communication.

  • Take control of your future.

I’d like to thank We Rise. They’ve helped me develop as a person. We got to meet many inspirational people
— Shakhan Johnson-Baiden
Team Matine.jpg
We Rise helped me become more confident speaking out loud - before I wouldn’t dream of it
— Alexia Brum-Hamilton
I’m more open to reality and I’ve gained more confidence.
— Shante McPherson