Our Mission

Empowering Brixton youth to fulfil their potential.


Who we are

We Rise is a Brixton based community business created by local parents – we work with and for our community and we create a community for young people.

Our beliefs

We help young people develop skills for life and discover their future - what they’re good at, what they’re passionate about and what they can be paid to do. We want all young people to have access to a future that is meaningful, interesting and purposeful. We believe in social equality, diversity in employment and the creative potential of young people to participate in society.

How we work

At We Rise we work collaboratively and creatively with employers, experts and partners, embracing new ideas and creating spaces where people feel safe and can have fun. We embrace coaching as an improvement and development tool for young people and ourselves. We believe that continuous improvement comes from effective feedback. Through our work we empower people and make them stronger so that they can be their whole self. We strive to be role models and show young people what they can be.

What we do

We create life-changing experiences for young people, building their confidence, business awareness and knowledge of the world of work. Our work experiences for over 16’s create projects of real value for our clients.