What we offer

Research, production, distribution and reporting for your employer content marketing.

Young people can easily get the wrong idea about big organisations and vice versa. Its a classic case of mistaken identity. We’re here to challenge these stereotypes.

Are your recruitment videos are falling flat with young people because they don't feel real for them?


Our services

We support our clients through the whole process of employer content marketing, from research to production, distribution and reporting 


1. RESEARCH: We invite you to spend a couple of hours with a diverse group of young people. You get to ask the questions and we make a vox pop video as a living piece of audience research.


4. REPORTING: We share the impact data with you plus an insight report authored by young people.

2. PRODUCTION: We bring young people into your world and go behind the scenes to get to the heart of what your organisation is like. Honest, authentic and heart felt.

3. DISTRIBUTION: We go social on the day of filming to maximise advocacy and reach. And once ready, we distribute the finished film via our school network and through social channels.



Some of our work