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Our mission is to empower young people to create the future.

We are a community business that aims to grow a generation of confident, connected, enterprising young people in Brixton. We build connections, coach, inspire and challenge young people. We deliver real work projects and develop 21st century skills.


This summer a team of budding social media maestros created three films and an instagram account to promote Brixton Design Trail's 2018 theme of belonging.

During the week long work experience project, in collaboration with Lambeth Council’s Lambeth Made initiative, a team of ten 16-18 year olds designed a campaign concept and filmed their feelings about belonging in Brixton. They curated and developed the instagram account over the summer.

Read more about the project here.

Check out the team's instagram account at @BigupBrxton

Real work in the heart of creative Brixton

Our team were hosted for a week at Brixton architects Squire and Partners, and they loved it:

"We have to be mature and act like we are young adults. That’s the difference between school and work experience."

"I prefer working because school’s is based on exams but working’s based on results and what’s actually done."

We invited local creatives and professionals from Champion Agency to a screening of the work and they were super impressed.

The team will be presenting at a forthcoming Lambeth Made showcase event. Sign up below and we'll keep you posted.

Exploring the future

Sixty fourteen year olds from schools in Tulse Hill and Norwood have been exploring their city as part of our Futures careers inspiration programme for Opportunity Lambeth. They especially loved using tube and trains to navigate to employment destinations like Canary Wharf, More London, ITV and the City on our Orienteering Day.

This term, they are learning presentation and interviewing skills and developing their "story of me" so they can network confidently with professionals to explore potential careers.

One students told us “I’ve enjoyed being part of We Rise Futures because it has opened up a part of my brain I didn’t know I had. It’s helped me to be a better me”. Another said “It has helped me think about other things I might be open to, other things I could do”.

Read more about the programme here.

What do Brixton consumers want?

Our team of young researchers interviewed over 200 people to find out what daytime visitors to Brixton want and then gave a "professional standard" presentation.

Brixton BID, the client for the project, was delighted. They are using data from the research to inform their plans for improving Brixton.

Key messages are that people want Brixton to be cleaner and greener and they want more youth led and cultural events in the day. Our team recommended a community greening project and a programme of lunchtime events.

Thanks to the fantastic team from IPSOS MORI who supported this project. We have plans to expand the Town Centre Research Project next summer - so watch this space.

Click on the image to see the full presentation (viewable via a PC).

Brixton research project FINAL.pptx

Real projects, real deadlines, real clients - real work experience

It is astounding what is possible in a week. On this project for Age UK Lambeth our team of young people worked with experts to create a marketing plan, creative strategy and professional ad and they gave a polished team presentation.

Watch the film to see more.

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Campaign Film for Brixton Green

Shortage of secure, affordable housing is a huge issue for young people growing up in Brixton. Brixton Green commissioned this film as part of their campaign for community led housing on Somerleyton Road.

Young people on the Moorlands Estate speak powerfully about growing up in Brixton and how they feel about the future.

Handyfix Advert

"To get an idea nailed and shot in a week is amazing.” Steve Robertson, Creative Director, Leo Burnett

We agree.

We were gobsmacked by what our young team managed to achieve. They had some fabulous professional coaches and experts, but still..!

Here's the final ad. Read more about the project here..

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