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Attract the best talent

We help employers attract the very best talent. We do this by putting employer content marketing in the hands of your target audience. We put young people behind the camera to produce compelling recruitment videos, which they then promote through social media and through our network of secondary schools. 

Young people can easily get the wrong idea about big organisations and vice versa. It’s a classic case of mistaken identity. Organisations project professionalism in their recruitment videos, when what’s needed is a big dose of honest, authentic, heart-felt reality. We believe that if you want young people to take an interest in your business, bring them behind the scenes. 

We’re rooted in the diverse networks of young people you want to recruit. And we place them at the heart of the process, putting them in front of the camera and behind it. We use a winning formula managed by our professional production team. We create journeys of exploration and capture small moments of revelation when two worlds meet.  These videos are pure uncut positivity. They have heart and style and make you utterly relevant to your audience.


“If you want young people to take an interest in your business, bring them behind the scenes.“


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We coach, inspire and challenge

Our teams of young people from diverse backgrounds gain priceless real work experience and creative skills while creating authentic, reportage style film that gets under the skin of your organisation. They become advocates for your company to their peers and their school.