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The world is changing. 
Your team wants connections, wellbeing, a sense of purpose. 
Your business wants new ideas, fresh talent, a more diverse workforce. 
Your organisation wants corporate responsibility and to make the world a better place.

If you want a business that young people want to be part of, give them a part to play

Young people can easily get the wrong idea about big organisations – and vice versa. We’re here to challenge stereotypes. If you want to show young people your business, then make them part of the show.

We’re rooted in diverse networks of young people you want to recruit. We place them at the heart of the production, putting them in front of the camera and behind it.

Our mentoring programme creates powerful human connections that stimulate learning on both sides.

Our videos are pure uncut positivity. They have heart and style and make you utterly relevant to your audience.

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We are driven by our purpose to deliver quality for our clients

Inspirational Project Based Work Experience

Our creative, collaborative projects deliver value for clients and high-quality work experience for teams of 16-18-year-olds. Our approach empowers young people by putting them in control.

Inspirational Project Based Work Experience

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Helping Organisations Improve Diversity

Through our projects, our programs, and our connections with schools and the community, we can help you reach diverse young talent.

Helping Organisations Improve Diversity

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Building a Community of Mentors

Our mentoring programme develops coaching skills and empowers our mentors to transform the lives of young people from BME and low income backgrounds.

Building a Community of Mentors

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We invite you to spend a couple of hours with the diverse group of young people. You get to ask the questions and we make a wox pop video as a living piece of audience research.


We bring young people into your world and go behind the scenes yo get to the heart of what your organisation is like, honest, authentic and heart felt.


We go social of the day of filming to maximize advocacy and reach. And once ready, we distribute the finished film via our school network and through social channels.


We share the impact data with you plus and insight report authored by young people.


Inspirational project-based work experience

Our creative, collaborative projects deliver value for clients and high-quality work experience for teams of 16-18 year-olds. Our approach empowers young people by putting them in control.

We use a winning formula managed by our professional team to create journeys of exploration that explode preconceptions and capture small moments of revelation when two worlds meet.

Research and insight

We deliver high-quality research in partnership with global research firm IPSOS MORI – who coach our teams. Young people have a cultural understanding to connect to different audiences.

Video and media

Our young teams have amazing ideas to deliver impactful visual content for different audiences. We work with professional producers, videographers and editors to ensure professional quality that meets our client’s brief.

Youth voice

Our projects give young people a voice. Our teams are great at engaging their peers to capture and advocate young people’s views and perspectives. We help give future generations a say about developments that will affect them.


Our project process

A typical work experience project takes 5 days. 
Day 1: Team explores the brief + brainstorms solutions
Day 2-4: Planning and execution day
Day 5: Presentation and feedback


Some of our work

Introducing the Youth-Led Empowerment Network

Using animation for the first time, We Rise Alumni: Skye, Sia and Regina share their YEN vision created for the LFA Reimagine competition.

How we made Engage The Future

Watch this great insight into how we deliver our projects, how much our Clients get involved and importantly – what they get out of the experience.

Engage the Future!

Young people write and create a short film explaining why it’s so important to them that developers and change makers in their community consult them to ensure the impact is positive.

Creative Bootcamp!

This is how we collaborated with the Fashion Minority Alliance to give 40 x 16-30 year olds career insight, inspiration and impact.

Will You Judge a Book by its Cover?

See what people think of a group of young people versus what they are actually like.

ITV Win competition advert written and made by young people

Write, produce, film and edit an advert for National TV in week with our work experience team in the driving seat!

The advertising industry need you!

See why it’s important that it has more diverse voices to make it authentic by watching this advert we created with top agency Le Burnett.

OUR FUTURE: A powerful filmed insight into how young people feel about their future

A small group of thoughtful and articulate young people from a local Youth Club discuss how power affects them.

Resonances of 1981: We Rise X 81 Acts of Exuberant Defiance

Hear local young people’s views about the 1981 Brixton Uprisings and wider issues of Black British history, education and institutional racism.

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Brockwell Hall: Letting the past influence the future

Young people created this film to represent the views and perspectives of young people on the redevelopment of Brockwell Hall.

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Gen Z Takeover Video 1: Broadcast on Good Morning Britain

Andi Peters introduces the first video created, scripted and directed by our hugely talented young creative team.

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Gen Z Takeover Video 2: Broadcast on Good Morning Britain

Andi Peters introduces the first video created, scripted and directed by our hugely talented young creative team.

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Discovering Empowerment

Commissioned by ft’work (Footwork Architects Ltd) and presented at the 2020 London Festival of Architecture

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Haringey Apprenticeship Recruitment Video

This film was commissioned by Haringey Council and created by a team of 16 and 17 year olds

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Young Voices for Brixton Green 2018

How does it feel to grow up in Brixton?

James Wise, Coffee Marter 2017 - Volcano Coffee Works

Handyfix Advert (for Lambeth Age UK)

This compelling ad was created by young people working alongside marketing and advertising professionals and award-winning film-makers.

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@bigupbrxton #WeAreBrixton

Belonging to us is… Being a member, a part of a community or a family. Most definitely your religion and also your culture.

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@BigupBrxton Belonging is Brixton

What does belonging mean to you?
What comes to mind when you think of the word belonging?


Building a community of mentors to support young people

We train and support your team to coach and mentor ambitious young people from BME and low-income backgrounds.

You will contribute social value, gain personal reward and feel a sense of purpose.

You will develop valuable knowledge and skills from working with young people from diverse backgrounds.

Our quality training programme provides high Continuous Professional Development for anyone who coaches and develops people.

We can create a bespoke programme for your company so that your Mentors are all trained together.

Why mentor with We Rise?

We offer:

What is the sign-up process?

To become a We Rise mentor takes a few easy steps


Our approach to mentoring

3-month structured rolling programme of weekly meetings to ensure a clearly defined, focussed, effective, mentoring period.

We invest in comprehensive training and continuing development, enabling the greatest chance of success for all involved.

We recognise that the mentoring relationship enables both parties to learn, develop new skills + mindsets, evolve + grow.

Picture of a teacher with students looking at a computer
Brixton Design Trail Press Gang
Improving Diversity

We can help you reach and recruit diverse young talent.

Through our projects, our mentoring programme, and our connections with schools we can help you reach and engage diverse young talent. We design workshops, projects, and activities that bring new ideas, perspectives, and energy into your organisation.”