An easy and rewarding way for your company to reach and inspire diverse young people

Are you keen to do something to improve diversity but not sure what? Our specific targeted intervention creates resources to help you reach more diverse talent by involving the very young people you want to reach.

Last year, Oscar winning Director Steve McQueen visited a TV-film set in London. He said 

“I could not believe the whiteness of the set. If you want to examine race and class in this country, start by going on a film set.”

The UK has brilliant creative organisations but they are predominately white and middle class and he called them out

In the wake of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter people heard this and companies have responded. 

Many people, across all sectors, now want to do something. But for many there is a sense of frustration. Often people feel powerless to act and wonder what they can do. 

How can you take practical action to make a difference?

Companies we speak to tell us that they struggle to reach young people, let alone diverse young people. 

They don’t know how to appeal to them. They don’t know how to show them the opportunities on offer and they don’t know how to to attract them to apply.

On the other hand young people have no understanding of the organisations or jobs then could do. 

The two worlds seem miles apart. 

We have a solution.

It’s not a long process. 

It’s a specific focussed intervention that will directly engage your target audience and get them to help you reach young people like them.

And you will be giving an incredible opportunity to young people, like the ones you want to recruit, to learn about your organisation and what you can offer. 

We often find that organisations have adverts and websites that aren’t designed for a target audience of diverse young people. 

That’s because you are getting the wrong people to communicate your message. 

If you want young people to be part of your organisation then make them part of the show.

Our projects take young people and our clients on a journey of discovery to create powerful content that appeals directly to young people. 

We are embedded in the communities of young people that you want to reach. We see the outstanding talent that exists. These young people are capable, impressive, aspirational. But they are disconnected from opportunity.

By commissioning a short project from us you are taking the first steps to changing the culture in your organisation.

And that’s not all.

Working with young people brings additional benefits. 

Teenagers are open-minded, honest and brilliant at generating creative ideas.  You’ll get insight into how young people think and their reflections on how your organisation can change to attract people like them.

Working with young people is motivating and inspiring for your team, especially when they see what a massive impact it makes.  Not only do you get a great result, but you’ll be helping young people develop their skills and confidence. 

Our projects offer a team-building and developmental opportunity. Coaching and supporting a young person is great for developing your team’s skills. 

Collaborating on a project like this is creative and fun so its great for team wellbeing and engagement.

Our projects provide brilliant work experience that genuinely changes the lives of the young people taking part. 

It’s good for your employer brand and shows that you care about the communities you serve.  We can help you communicate the difference you have made to your internal and external stakeholders through impact reports, testimonials and press releases.  

So what are you waiting for? 

If you want to improve the diversity of your team get in touch today.

We’d love to help.

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