CASE STUDY: FILM PROJECT – Young people create powerful idea for Handyfix advert

Our project for Age UK Lambeth inspired 13 young people to create a professional standard advert and marketing strategy in one week.

Age UK Lambeth/Handyfix
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Working with professional coaches from the Advertising Industry, our team of 17 year olds came up with a brilliant marketing campaign for Handyfix, a new handyperson service from Age UK Lambeth. They shot a professional advert making use of the expertise of Brixton based coffee roasters Volcano coffee.

“We are totally delighted by what we’ve got. The advert looks great and you can see from everyone involved, the energy and the passion.”

Gardiner, Chief Executive of Age UK Lambeth

The team found that one of the barriers to using a handypersons service was a concern about the quality of the work. Having met Tina, one of Age UK Lambeth’s handypersons, they knew this was not an issue. So they came up with a campaign to associate Handyfix with experts – “Leave it to the experts”. The team went to Brixton to scout locations and experts and found James Wise, a world champion coffee master who agreed to appear in the advert. Volcano coffee kindly agreed to let We Rise shoot the ad in their beautiful premises on Ferndale Road.

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