GET INVOLVED: Could you Mentor a young person?

Dean Dennis from Global technology firm Verizon, talking to We Rise Mentees Conrad, Malachi and Lavar.

Mentors make a difference

Young people are told hard work will get them the career of their dreams. But it’s not enough. Connections matter. 

“Young people like me need help. I wish I’d had people to guide me when I was young.”

We Rise is building a powerful community of Mentors to empower young people to create successful futures. 

Working with companies

Developing a partnership with a company is a great way to build strong relationships of trust with our Mentors and young people. Mentors from across a company get to collaborate and learn together. This enables us to create more inspirational opportunities for young people to learn about themselves and the world of work.

We invest in our Mentors

We provide a comprehensive training for all our Mentors to give them the tools and confidence they need to work with a young person. We have received really positive feedback from the training.

“You did an amazing job in keeping the information relevant through the use of stories and examples. You also supported the mentors by providing validation and being curious about their views and comments. I loved getting to see the heart behind this organisation, and I’m very grateful to have found We Rise.”

A purposeful approach

Our mentoring is focussed on helping a young person in year 12 (aged 16/17) take steps to move forward in their life. Young people at this time are expected to make a lot of decisions about their future with little understanding or experience of the world outside school.

Our structured approach is designed to help a young person clarify and work towards their goals. We recommend Mentors and Mentees work together for 10 weekly sessions. Communication takes place via our online platform and meetings are online.

We offer our Mentees – who all go to local schools – the use of our offices and laptops on a Friday afternoon. This turns out to be a popular time as they are free from the pressure of teacher’s deadlines.

A rewarding experience

“Mentoring with We Rise has been hugely rewarding” says Rebecca. “Their digital platform means that mentees reach out to you based on your area of expertise. They know what support they’re looking for which gets the relationship off to a great start.” 

“Having a mentor has been really great.” says Shaima, a budding architect. “It’s like having an older sister to walk you through the steps you need to take.” 

“I think everyone should have some kind of mentor,” says Stella. ”My mentor recognises the potential in me. Without him I’d be in the dark.”

Find out more

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