PRACTICE GUIDE: How can your company reach diverse talent?

Do you find it hard to access and attract diverse talent for your apprenticeships?

Is your company failing to spend its apprenticeship levy on young people?

Are you finding it hard to hit company targets for diversity and inclusion?

Companies that are not making progress on diversity risk damaging their employer brand and looking out of touch with today’s customers.

But how does a company get exposure for its careers and apprenticeships among the young people from BME backgrounds who represent the talent of tomorrow?

Schools are pretty hazy about careers and apprenticeships. They are in no position to tell students about your careers, even if they knew.

So how do you reach young people as they make their decisions about which routes to pursue at 18?

And crucially, how do you show them what it would really be like to work for you?

Well the first thing is not to tell them. Allow them to find out for themselves.

Invite them in to your company, let them ask the questions they want to, let them see what it’s really like. Show them your human side!

Sound scary? Sound impossible?

Well its not.

Here’s how.

We give young people a camera, a microphone and a brief to show it like it is. They come in, ask questions, look around and tell their story about your business.

Real. Honest. Humorous. Compelling.

They are the people that young people listen to.

Not you.

Not us.

Each other.

If you’d like to give it a try – please get in touch!

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