WE RISE NEWS: Schools based Access All Areas programme kicks off

We are delighted to have won funding from the Walcot Foundation to deliver Access All Areas, an inspirational three year programme for 20 young black boys growing up in poverty.

Running from the start of year 9 (when the boys are 13) to the end of year 11 (when they are 16), Access All Areas will open their minds to new possibilities. It will support their achievement and motivation through intensive one to one coaching, personal projects, skills development, careers inspiration, professional networking, work experience and eye-opening visits.

With coaching from David and Ray, the boys in the cohort will explore their identity and develop a strong sense of who they are. We will tailor interventions to their interests, opening up the world of work and exposing them to a range of career options and employment locations across London.

A partnership between We Rise, Lambeth Made and The Elmgreen and Norwood Schools, Access All Areas has been developed using evidence and learning from our successful Futures programme.

The boys have been chosen and we start working with them after half term. We can’t wait!

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