WE RISE NEWS: How we help young people finding their unique voice – watch our “Story of Me” film

As part of our Futures programme we have been coaching our cohort to develop their own individual story of me. It has been an amazing experience to work with such talented, passionate young people to explore their many diverse identities, interests, values and skills.

We have loved seeing the confidence of these young people grow as they find their voice and start to tell the world who they are.

Teenagers can be incredibly conservative. No-one wants to be different because the pressure to fit in with peers is so strong.

Yet those that succeed in the world are the most different – the ones who dare to be fully themselves and stand out from the crowd. Think of James Cordon or Alan Carr, Stormzy or Katie Allen.

And we have loved seeing students appreciating each other as they discover that underneath that school uniform and that veneer of conformity they are each very different.

Being yourself – authentic, real, interesting, different. That’s what the world wants and that’s what we got a glimpse of when our students presented their Story of Me.

Young people finding their unique voice - The Story of Me film
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