Inspirational Project Based Work Experience

Inspirational Project Based Work Experience
experience excellence

Our projects deliver value for clients

Our creative, collaborative projects deliver
value for clients and high quality work
experience for teams of 16-18 year olds. Our
approach empowers young people by
putting them in control.

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When two worlds meet...magic happens

Research and insight

We deliver high quality research in partnership with global research firm IPSOS MORI – who coach our teams. Young people have cultural understanding to connect to different audiences.

Inspirational Project Based Work Experience

Video and media

Our young teams have amazing ideas to deliver impactful visual content for different audiences. We work with professional producers, videographers and editors to ensure professional quality that meet the client brief.

Inspirational Project Based Work Experience

Youth voice

Our projects give young people a voice. Our teams are great at engaging their peers to capture range of views and perspectives to capture views of future generations about about developments that will
affect them.

How we do it

Our process

Step 1

Define the brief – what do you want to achieve?

Step 2

Design a programme to deliver what you need. A typical work experience project takes 5 days: Day 1: team explores the brief + brainstorms solutions. Day 2-4 planning and execution. Day 5: presentation and feedback.

Step 3

Recruit and brief a team of young people aged 16-18 and professionals to coach them.

Step 4

Deliver an energising and inspiring project + behind the scenes social media.

Step 5

Internal and external communications and impact reporting.